International Women’s Day visit from Team GB Hockey Gold Medalist

16th March 22

IMG 5438

We were very lucky to be joined by Team GB Hockey Team member, Susannah Townsend,
for our assembly on International Women’s Day on 8th March.

Susannah came in to talk about her hockey career as an Olympic gold medalist. It was very inspirational,
as we were able to watch a clip of her Olympics matches that only her and her teammates had seen and
we got to touch her Gold and Bronze medals. She talked about her journey to becoming a great player.

For example she said that she didn’t enjoy hockey when she first started playing it, age 13, and
wanted her mum to write her a sick note to miss a hockey session but her mum said no, and
Susannah ended up loving the sport.

We asked many questions about what she did. Susannah also gave some top tips like how she
always wore her whole kit to training before competitions, how we should try different things
to see what we love, and how she overcame difficulties and setbacks as well as practising extra
hard on the things she needed to improve. Susannah also told us about her role model, who
was someone she greatly respected because they told her that she needed to focus on areas
to improve, which no one else had done before.

Unfortunately, Susannah’s sore knees mean that she has to sadly retire from International
Games. We all found this very upsetting, yet we loved the spirit Susannah shows. All in all, this
was a great experience and we all learnt so much from it.

Written by our House Captains