At Falcons School we consider mathematics to be a vital part of school life, and we integrate it into the daily programme throughout each year group.

Mathematics teaches pupils how to make sense of the world around them through developing their ability to calculate, reason and solve problems. It enables them to understand relationships and patterns in numbers and space within their day to day lives.  As their knowledge and understanding grows, pupils will learn to appreciate and apply mathematics to a variety of contexts.

We have excellent resources and we make good use of our interactive whiteboards and IT facilities, in addition to a wide range of practical mathematics equipment. All pupils have access to the online resource Mathletics and we encourage the use of this at home as well as in school.

Maths in EYFS

In Early Years, maths develops through process and exploration. We provide firm grounding in the basic concepts of number, shape and measure, taught through practical, interactive activities. Our pupils begin to develop a sense of number and the concepts that underpin it.

Maths in Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1, our pupils concentrate on developing high levels of numeracy, performing and recording calculations, as well as collating and presenting data. Numeracy skills such as times tables are practised and consolidated, in order to ensure that the more complex and challenging mathematical tasks undertaken in Key Stage 2 are supported by a thorough understanding of number and swift recall of key number facts.

Maths in Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2 we continue to lay the groundwork for more formal written methods, and we use kinaesthetic activities to support the more abstract concepts such as time. The 11+ preparation is in full flow by Year 5. The provision of maths is rigorous and highly structured, whilst still incorporating the flexibility needed to deliver lessons effectively to all pupils. Our curriculum aims to cover all of the 11+ maths topics by the end of Year 5.

Pupils in Year 5 and 6 take part in the annual Primary Mathematics Challenge which is a UK wide event. We find that this encourages enthusiasm, boosts confidence in the subject and shows pupils many different ways in which questions may be asked. We also have various visiting companies run workshops in school for our pupils, focusing on problem solving and application of mathematical skills.

At Falcons School we run a yearly STEAM week, which provides opportunities for our pupils to apply their knowledge and skills into other areas of the curriculum. They also enjoy the opportunity to consider how we use these skills in the wider world.