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Nursery Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a priority at Peregrines Nursery School and is reflected and embedded in all aspects of nursery life. We want to give our boys and girls the best start to their education by creating a secure and happy learning environment. Our pastoral care develops skills for life as the children learn to be part of a group while retaining their individuality.

We set out clear expectations of the pupils’ behaviour and we encourage a co-operative approach to all activities showing respect for each other with the simple phrase ‘Kind Hands, Kind Feet, Kind Words’.

We have focused adult-led activities helping the pupils to learn how to share, recognise their own emotions and emotions in others. The children are shown how to solve disagreements and discuss how they can solve a problem with turn taking or sharing, what the right thing to do is and how our actions make ourselves and others feel.

At Peregrines Nursery we follow the rules that are followed throughout Falcons School:

Falcons Rules:

  1. We are gentle
  2. We are kind and helpful
  3. We listen
  4. We share and take turns
  5. We are polite

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