Forest School

At Peregrines Nursery we are very fortunate to have our own onsite Forest Garden area, complete with a ‘Base Camp’ and Mud Kitchen. Forest School sessions take place weekly for pupils in Nursery to Year 2.

Each week the children lead their own learning in a variety of activities creating a fun, stimulating journey of learning and self-discovery. The Forest School approach to learning is a holistic, hands-on opportunity to build skills, develop curiosity and foster self-awareness in a natural environment. Pupils develop their maths knowledge by sorting and comparing items in the woodland. They use their senses to locate and identify sounds while building dens – by far their favourite activity – provides a wonderful opportunity to support problem solving, foster teamwork and promote physical development.

At Peregrines Nursery, our boys and girls are also joined by their Woodland friends including the ‘Badger Brothers’, ‘Snowy Owl’, Hedgehog, ‘Foxy Fox’, ‘Squirrel Nutkin’ and ‘Justin Beaver’ each week to help them learn about habitats and ways in which they can take care of the environment.

In this unique and extraordinary part of our Early Years grounds, our pupils not only learn about nature but through nature! Each week the children’s confidence grows and their curiosity leads them to deeper investigations.

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