Metal Falcon

Bus Route

The school minibus runs everyday during term time, travelling via Sheen, Mortlake and Barnes. Full morning and afternoon routes are shown below. Bus routes are amended regularly to match our parents’ needs.

For costs and to book your child on to the bus, please contact

Autumn Term 2023 Bus Route

Morning Route

Route Timings and Locations:
07.25 Sheen Road/Kings Road Bus (Stop SF)
07.30 St Mary’s Grove (Stop SH)
07.40 Temple Sheen Road (Stop V)
07.43 Sheen Lane, Mortlake Station (Stop E) 
07:55 Tideway Yard
08.05 Barnes Pond (Stop BF)
08:06 Church Road, Barnes Red Lion (Stop WS) 
08.15 Barnes Station (Stop B)
08.20 Falcons School for Girls

Afternoon Route

Route Timings and Locations:
16.40 Falcons School
16.45 Barnes Station (Stop A) 
16:50 Church Road, Barnes Red Lion (Stop BA) 
16.55 Barnes Pond (Stop BD)
17.05 White Hart Lane (Stop V) 
17.10 Sheen Lane, Mortlake Station (Stop B) 
17.15 Clifford Avenue (Stop Q)
17.20 Berwyn Road (Stop Y)
17.25 Manor Road/North Sheen Station (Stop SE)
17.30 Sheen Road/Kings Road (Stop SF)