School Council

At Falcons, our School Council enables all children to contribute to the development of the school. Once a year, pupils vote for a class representative who will attend half-termly School Council meetings. The representatives bring suggestions from their classmates about things they feel the school would benefit from. They also help run charity events and decide on potential fundraising opportunities.

Pupil Voice

From the moment they join Falcons School, we give our pupils the opportunity to make their mark on the world. ‘Pupil Voice’ is a loud one and we believe this is the first step to encouraging our pupils to make a difference. Every class has a ballot box which is used regularly to collect votes on important issues that might affect the class or the wider school community. We also have a whole school ‘Pupil Voice’ box where pupils can add any comments they like. The Head offers weekly questions for pupils to reflect on and reply to in the Voice Box, including questions about lunches, playground facilities and requests for whole school events. These notes are shared weekly in Friday assembly by the Head.