We are proud to have a team of well-qualified teachers, classroom assistants and support staff, all of whom work closely with one another to provide and support the children’s learning. All staff at our school recognise that each child has their own special talent, which we assist in promoting and nurturing; while working to ensure that the education of each child develops in personal, social, academic and spiritual dimensions.

Each class has its own form teacher; specialist teachers take the children for a variety of subjects, including Art, Music, French, Science, Drama and PE. Class numbers are small which allows each pupil to receive individual help and attention.


Mrs S Williams-Ryan Licence ès Lettres (Université de Genève), MA Education, PGCE

Senior Leadership Team

Miss J Montgomery BA (Hons) Education (London South Bank University)
Head of Early Years, DDSL (EYFS), Little Peris Teacher

Mrs L Price BA (Hons) Classical Civilisation (Leeds University), PGCE
Deputy Head, DDSL (KS1-KS2), Latin Teacher

Mr J Kelly BA (Hons) History of Art (Leeds University), PGCE
Assistant Head Pastoral, DSL, Year 6 Teacher, Art & DT Lead


Gunes Gaygusuz 
Mini Peris Teacher

Maria Merkouri
Mini Peris Teaching Assistant

Jessica Montgomery
Little Peris Teacher

Maria Herry
Little Peris Teaching Assistant

Krisztina Buda

Tamara Herrero
Big Peris Teacher and Spanish teacher

Terry Mitchell
Big Peris Teaching Assistant



Holly Vargas
Reception Teacher, Outdoor Learning Lead

Jana Skulova
Teaching Assistant


Teaching Staff

Year 1

Shamaila Shaikh
Year 1 Teacher, Humanities Lead

Tracey Ordway
Teaching Assistant


Year 2 & Year 3

Lucelia Barrand
Year 2 & Year 3 Teacher, Thinking Schools Lead


Year 4

Emily Greville
Year 4 Teacher, Digital Lead, Science and Technology Lead

Helen Beaney
Teaching Assistant

Amy Heslop-Mullens
Teaching Assistant


Year 5

Jamie Green
Year 5 Teacher, English Lead, Eco Lead

Olivera Orlandic
Teaching Assistant


Year 6

James Kelly
Year 6 Teacher (co-teacher), Assistant Head Pastoral, DSL, Art & DT Lead

Madeleine Lang
Year 6 Teacher (co-teacher), Head of Performing Arts

Nancy Wright
Teaching Assistant



Amber Walters
PE and Games Lead

Leon Ridyard
Art Teacher

Millie Stegnjaic
Mathematics Lead, A, G & T Lead




Falcons School for Girls is governed by our proprietors, the Inspired Education Group.

All correspondence with the Chair should be sent via our Head Office