11+ Results & Destinations

The transition from Falcons School to a secondary, senior independent or boarding school is an important event in the life of your child. We have a robust system in place to ensure all of our girls and boys enjoy a successful transition.

There are an exciting and diverse range of options available for West London parents: day and boarding schools; excellent maintained schools; single sex and co-educational schools; schools with a strong religious ethos. No two schools are the same.

Choosing the right school can seem daunting, particularly for those new to the system. For this reason, you will be invited to three meetings with the Headmistress: the first in the summer term of Year 4, the second in the spring term of Year 5, and a follow-up at the beginning of the autumn term of Year 6.

Our teachers and the Senior Leadership Team understand very well the process of transition – and the journey that children have to make. The move from Year 6 to Year 7 can worry some families, so we work closely with parents and Senior Schools to make transition as stress-free as possible.

We have a comprehensive programme to prepare both pupils and their parents for transition. This includes Transition Evenings, one-to-one meetings with the Headteacher and target setting meetings, and our Guide to Transition to Year 7, which covers the process of applying for London day, country boarding and maintained secondary schools. Falcons School curriculum has been designed to prepare pupils for 11+ examinations which start in the Autumn Term of Year 6: Mathematics and English teaching from Reception through to Year 6 focuses on the key knowledge and skills our pupils need to succeed in external entrance examinations.

In the past pupils have won places and scholarships at the following schools: