All pupils in Years 4-6 study Latin at Falcons School. We are delighted to offer this valuable subject, being the basis for all Romance languages such as Spanish, French and Italian, as well as much technical language in science and law. Latin encourages a wider English vocabulary because the meanings of more difficult words are obvious. It also encourages logical thinking, stretches the minds of higher ability children and helps dyslexic pupils because of its logical nature.

Classics is introduced in Year 4, with 30 minutes a week allocated to learning about the Romans and a basic introduction to the Latin language. In Years 5 & 6, pupils are taught for one hour a week, with a greater focus on the Latin language. The pupils learn translation skills, grammatical rules and vocabulary, as well as learning about daily life in the Roman world through a wide range of activities such as performing plays and reciting poems.

Year 5 & 6 pupils learn Latin using the Cambridge Latin Course Book I. As well as the Latin language, pupils are taught about Roman culture and history through course-books and online resources.

Events further enrich the Classics syllabus and inspire our pupils to immerse themselves in the Classical world.