Our Nursery School

Our Nursery setting is made up of three groups: Mini Peris (2 year olds), Little Peris (rising 3 – 3 year olds), Big Peris (Pre-Reception).  

The pupils must attend a minimum of 5 mornings or 3 core days, and extended days are available through early bird or sundowner sessions.  In the final term of Pre-Reception, all children must attend a minimum of 5 core days to prepare them for Reception and ‘big’ school.  

Nursery (Mini and Little Peris) 
Our Mini and Little Peris benefit from a large classroom with adjacent balcony and Forest School area. Our play-based curriculum for these two age groups enables the children to explore, experiment and discover alongside their classmates and teachers. The pupils benefit from exploring with their older and younger classmates, but activities are also provided to cater for their different stages of development and where needed we split the groups accordingly.  

For this age group, our key focus is on the three prime areas of learning and development in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. These are: Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional and Physical Development. The pupils are given the time, space and independence to explore new exciting learning experiences which require them to be tactile, learning through their senses and being physical.   

Younger children require a great deal of emotional support and are taught how to manage their own feelings and behaviours whilst beginning to develop an awareness of themselves. The Mini and Little Peris are supported in becoming effective communicators, learning new vocabulary and developing their level of understanding. In addition to this they learn how to manage their own self-care by dressing and undressing, washing their own hands and using the potty or toilet. 

Although the three prime areas are our priority, we expose the children to mathematical language e.g., numbers, shapes and colours, early literacy skills e.g., environmental sounds and rhymes, as well as providing them with lots of opportunities to be creative and imaginative. 

In addition, the Mini and Little Peris will take part in a specialised class in the mornings. We also have a separate sleep room (Zen Den), where the younger children can have a nap during the day. 


Pre-Reception Curriculum Overview (Big Peris) 
Our Big Peris also benefit from a large classroom space which is designed for them to actively learn. These pupils continue to learn through play, but a more guided approach is implemented as they are prepared for Reception Class.   

Although the emphasis remains on the three prime areas, we extend to the specific areas of learning and development. These are: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.  

The Big Peris engage in daily phonics and maths activities. They are taught about the world around them and the importance of being a good, kind, and polite citizen and friend. At this age, we aspire to teach the pupils a broad range of emotional literacy which they can use to communicate their feelings and express themselves. They are given the opportunity to explore art, dance, music and movement as they develop their own preferences and begin to learn what makes them feel good.  

In addition, the Big Peris have a specialised class in the mornings and the afternoons. They also benefit from accessing the Craft and Cook Nook to bake and create!  


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