During your child’s academic journey through the school, he or she will experience a variety of different trips.  These build upon topics learnt in the classroom and are selected carefully so that they are educational, fun and ‘hands on’.

Here is a snapshot of some of the trips attended by different year groups.

Nursery visit the local post office and post boxes as they explore ‘People who help us’ and learn about the local area.

Reception class visit the Wetlands Centre to learn about different types of birds and their nesting materials. They also visit the London Transport Museum to consolidate their topic of ‘transport’.

Year 1 explore outdoor art in the Isabella Plantation in Richmond park, looking at the flowers and plants and creating artwork around the changes in season.

Year 2 experience a healthy smoothie and noodle making workshop, followed by a session learning about the origin of the Wagamama restaurant.

Year 3 visit the Natural History Museum to consolidate their learning of Rocks and Soils, taking part in fossil workshops and seeing Mary Anning’s Ichthyosaur.

Year 4 visit the Science Museum where they explore a selection of galleries, including the ‘Secret Life of the Home’, ‘Making the Modern World’ and the ‘David Sainsbury’ interactive gallery, making links to their units of learning in electricity, the states of matter and sound.

Year 5 visit Kew Gardens for a ‘Maths in the Great Outdoors’ session.

Year 6 visit Bletchley Park to learn all about the amazing stories of the World War Two Codebreakers, and Shakespeare’s Globe to support their Drama and English curriculum.

Alongside these there are trips for our musicians to play at Epsom College, our Eco Warriors to the local recycling centre, our British Sign Language groups to a deaf school in Wandsworth and tours of the local Buddhapadipa Temple to name just a few!

During the summer term, pupils in Key Stage Two participate in a residential trip. Years 3 and 4 have a Bushcraft Adventure for 2 nights in the Kent countryside. Year 5 participate in the Lost Earth Adventure in the Peak District for 3 nights. Year 6 stay in the Château du Broutel and experience French culture and activities for 4 nights.