Falcons School uniform list 2022 – 2023

Falcons School uniform is provided by Perrys and must be purchased from them.


How to order from Perry: https://www.perryuniform.co.uk/how-to-order

Winter School Uniform (to be worn second half of the Autumn term and Spring term)
French navy blazer with the Falcons logo
White Peter Pan collar blouse
Tartan Pinafore (Reception to Year 3)
Tartan kilt (Years 4 – 6)
Navy blue V-neck cardigan
Navy blue tights OR knee high socks (any supplier)
Navy blue trousers (optional instead of the kilt or pinafore – any supplier)
Summer School Uniform (to be worn Summer term and first half of the Autumn term)
Tartan Summer dress
Navy blue V-neck cardigan
Navy blue ankle OR knee high socks (any supplier)
Navy blue shorts (optional instead of dress/pinafore)
White short sleeve revere blouse (if wearing the shorts)
Reception to Year 2 – P.E and Games Kit
White polo shirt with Falcons bird logo
Navy blue shorts (any supplier)
Navy blue jogging top with Falcons bird logo
Navy blue jogging bottoms (any supplier)
White socks
Predominantly white trainers
Reception to Year 2  – Dance
PE kit and soft shoes (black plimsolls)
Year 3 to Year 6 – Games kit 
Navy/Sky Skort
Navy/Sky top with Falcons bird logo
Navy blue microfibre tracksuit top with Falcons bird logo
Navy blue microfibre tracksuit bottoms
Navy blue arm and leg base layers (optional – any supplier)

Mouth guard and shin pads (Compulsory for hockey/football any supplier)

Custom made mouth guards may be ordered through the school, details are sent out at the appropriate time.

Navy hockey socks (Spring Term)
White ankle socks (Autumn and Summer Term)
Predominantly white trainers
Gloves with grips (Optional when required – any colour, any  supplier)
Reception to Year 3 – Swimming
Navy swimsuit (any supplier)
Navy swimming cap (any supplier)
Reception to Year 6 – Outerwear
Navy blue mac in a sac
Navy blue coat
Plain navy blue fleece hat
Navy blue gloves
Navy blue sun hat with Falcons bird logo (or any plain sunhat, no logos)
Navy or black leather shoes
White trainers for Games
Black plimsolls (gymnastics only)
Falcons School ruck sack
Falcons School swimming / PE bag


All uniform should be clearly labelled. There is a lost property box in the School Office.  At the end of each term, any lost property items not claimed will be donated to the Parents’ and Friends’ Association second hand uniform stock.


Pupils in Year 1 to 4 swim all year. Reception pupils start swimming in the Summer Term. Pupils in Nursery, Year 5 and Year 6 do not attend swimming lessons at school.

Jewellery and Hair

Only jewellery dictated by faith may be worn. Pupils are not allowed to wear earrings other than stud earrings. For safety reasons all jewellery must be removed during activities, for example P.E, when it could cause harm to the children. Hair must be a natural colour and neither extreme in style or length. Only plain blue or tartan, functional hair accessories are allowed.


Pupils should bring the following items in a pencil case:

  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Rubber
  • Cartridge pen (for small blue ink cartridges). Please note that girls will be introduced to the use of cartridge pens in Year 3/4, depending on their handwriting level
  • Spare cartridges
  • Ruler (with millimetres)
  • Pupils may include two-three gel pens for annotating their work.

Pupils do not require coloured pencils or felt-tip pens. Please do not include ink-eraser pens or ‘liquid paper’, as these eradicate errors – and our approach is that pupils learn from their mistakes.

The school provides all exercise books. Additional equipment, e.g. compasses, is provided in class and on loan when required for homework.