Peris Explore Diwali and Bonfire Night

8th November 21

children with their own made fireworks

In the Nursery last week the children explored colour and light as we marked two celebrations: Diwali and Bonfire Night. The Little Peris crafted as they made their own Diwali lamps using chalks and glitters. They also worked together as they used tea bags, dipping them in the paint and then throwing them to create a firework effect on the paper and flicking the paint off the paintbrushes. As you can imagine this messy craft was a lot of fun for them! The children explored 2D shapes and learnt how to make a rocket 3D.

In PSED (Personal, Social and Emotional Development) the Big Peris played a game called jailer and thief. This is where a child is blindfolded and plays the part of the jailer who sits in the middle of the circle and has a bunch of keys in front of them. The other children secretly take the keys away quietly without the jailer pointing in their direction. After the game they discussed whether it was okay to take someone else’s things without asking and that it is everyone’s right to always feel safe.

Two nursery children holding 3D rocket craftfireworks painting craft on outdoor deckingNursery pupil using paint to create firework art

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