New School House Names Announced

8th October 21

Falcons House Captains

This week, the four new school house names were announced during a whole school House Picnic! For three years, the Peregrines and Falcons houses were Seacole, Nightingale, Austen and Curie, influenced by notable women in history. With science – and in particular, space – a hugely popular topic amongst our children, we thought it was time to ring in the changes and refresh our houses. Seacole is now Saturn; Nightingale has become Mars; Austen is Neptune; and Curie has changed to Mercury.

The House Picnic was the first whole school event in over 18 months, providing the children from Nursery all the way through to Year 6 with the opportunity to mix, make new friends and meet the teachers in their House. Everyone feasted on sandwiches, crisps, fruit, salad and muffins before taking part in a treasure hunt around the Peregrines playground.

Well done to our wonderful House Captains (shown above) and House Lead, Miss Walters, for organising such a fun, feel-good event that was enjoyed by all!

Neptune House - Falcons
Saturn House - Falcons
Mars House - Falcons
Mercury House - Falcons