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Busy Bees On Walk To School Week

21st May 21

Girls dressed as superheroes for walk to school week

As part of Walk To School Week, the nursery children are learning about the importance of exercise! The pupils have engaged in daily conversation about why walking is good for us, both the physical aspect as well as the social. Every day the pupils have been adding a sticker to their ‘Walk to School’ sticker chart after completing their morning walk. The pupils have been counting down the days, supporting their number development.

The class walk around the local area also prompted lots of chatter about what we could hear, see, and smell. This evolved into a flower spotting exercise as the pupils love looking at them! The children also looked out for different numbers and letters that we could see.

Young pupil on a walk, holding a teacher's hand  Girls dressed as superheroes as they walk


It was World Bee Day on Wednesday so therefore it was all things bees at Nursery. A giant bumble bee flew into the classroom whilst the children were creating bees, much to their amusement.  They made their bees using potatoes which they cut in half whilst engaging in conversation about simple fractions: one whole potato and two halves. They also observed what shape the potato was inside. This experience was great for the Little Peris’ development of their hand muscles as they picked up the potato (which was quite tricky for some) to stamp it on their paper. The Big Peris practised their phonics as they phonetically sounded out and wrote the word ‘bee’.

Their morning walk dressed as bumble bees and superheroes was a real ‘feel good’ activity as the pupils ran and ‘flew’ to school after morning break. There were mixed reviews on the honey sandwiches which they made in the afternoon, with some children saying the honey was “too sticky” – but it was great that they all gave it a try!

Young boy and girl walking to their nursery classroom. The girl is wearing bee wings Bee pupil work pupil making honey sandwich

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