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All About Planet Earth In Nursery

28th April 21

Planet Earth Art

Celebrating Earth Day last week kicked off a new topic of learning about the world around us for the youngest Early Years pupils. The Nursery children enjoyed making their own Planet Earth whilst listening to, and engaging in, conversations about what you might find on our planet? The children painted their hands to print green (land) and blue (sea) onto their round circle (Earth). Some of the pupils decided that they did not want to use their hands and opted for a paintbrush whilst others them fully embraced this wonderful sensory experience and took the paint up to their elbows; “I look like a Smoo” said one the Nursery pupils.

We decided to make turtles out of recycled cardboard as part of our discussions about keeping the ocean clean. The turtles were made super special with gems stuck on – the children’s idea! The Big Peris had a go at attaching the different body parts together by using a split pin and showed perseverance in trying to accomplish it by themselves. In Early Years, we talk about recycling every single day and often the children will ask an adult which bin they should throw their rubbish in, which is great!

Nursery pupil's Earth Painting

Planet Earth ArtRecycled Cardboard Turtles in Nursery

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